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Master Classes

Master Classes are a custom-tailored opportunity to learn from Jonny Hale. You can view online resources like YouTube, but they can't see you. There are times when you need an expert to see you. Master classes allow you to be evaluated and helped based on your unique needs.


Master Classes are tailored to meet the needs of any student, from beginner to advanced, and are designed to help you reach your full potential.

What is a Master Class?

Individual lessons should be individual. You're on a unique musical journey. Where you are and where you want to go is different from everyone else in the world. You need individual directions.


What's Included

Every Master Class includes a copy of "The Art of Practice - A 52-week Practice Planner and Guide."
Custom Charts, plans, and resources. I will create paper, online, and video content for you to follow up with and continue to learn from your lesson long after the hour has ended.

Instruments/Subjects Taught:

Instruments: Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass, Piano, Ukulele, Harpejji, drums, and Banjo.

Specialized Subjects: Songwriting, Worship Leading, Music Recording/Production, Live Performance, Singing, and more.



A good teacher is like GPS it needs to know where you are and where you want to go. Fill out our Master Class application now so we can make sure you are a good fit for the program and so we can begin to customize your musical practice program.



$200 per class

$700 4-pack available. 

Lesson packs can be scheduled as close together or as far apart as you need within 6 months of purchase. Your musical journey is unique and so is your pace. Master Classes move at your speed.

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